Namaste Wellness

Sarah’s passion is to bring healing, spiritual teachings & gatherings to women, across their lifespan. Ranging from working with her ‘Sacred Conception & Fertility’, ‘Sacred Motherhood & Birth Preparation’ & ‘Sacred Sisterhood’ programmes and one to one sessions.


One To One Energy Healing

Sarah has trained in many intuitive styles of energy healing, ranging from Reiki, Rahanni, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Angelic Healing, Crystal Healing, Access Bars & Access Consciousness. She has combined her healings together to suit the needs of you as an individual, serving you and providing you with complete clarity & healing.

Workshops & Training

Sarah teaches a variety of healing workshops & trainings including: Reiki Level One, Healing with Angels, Healing with Crystals, Reiki Level Two, Reiki Practitioner, Reiki Master & Reiki Teacher, along with Full Moon & New Moon Circles, Cacao Ceremonies and many more workshops. .

Spiritual Midwifery

As a Registered Midwife & Fertility Specialist, Sarah’s passion is working in both these highly stressful times in someone’s life to optimise health & happiness and healing. Sarah assists women to conceive a baby, and supports them throughout pregnancy and preparing for birth & motherhood. She has 3 aspects to her Spiritual Midwifery - Sacred Conception, Sacred Motherhood & Sacred Sisterhood. Bringing her Spiritual teachings, healings and her medical knowledge and experience together.

Namaste Wellness