Welcome Beautiful People!


I'm so glad you stumbled across my website, although, I never did believe in coincidences! Just to get to know me a little bit more I wanted to talk you through my life until now.


I commenced my studies to become a midwife straight from school, and very quickly became very in love with the process of pregnancy and childbirth. Soon after, I became a mam for myself on my beautiful son - Dylan. I was a young mum at the age of 19, but that didn't stop me from pursuing my dream as a Midwife. I worked in a range of areas in a busy Dublin Maternity Hospital where I learned the most wonderful skill any midwife could dream of. I worked in Antenatal, Postnatal and Delivery Wards caring for the most well mums and babies, to unfortunately the most unwell. This was my passion! I quickly became to learn, that working in such a high-pressured busy delivery ward I wasn't able to give those amazing women the care that they deserved. 

I trained in Pregnancy Yoga and I began teaching Pregnancy Yoga to a full class of women in the hospital and the community. I was hooked! I then went on to train in Meditation & Mantra practices, Yin Yoga, Wise Women Yoga and took the trip of a lifetime to India!


With excitement (and some tears), I left those amazing women and midwives behind and began to research more and more and learn as much as I could for the women. I commenced working in a busy Fertility Clinic and was absolutely mesmorized at the stress levels of the women and men I was meeting. Fertility is the toughest time for a person and a couple and I knew that I could help bringing in my Yoga background. I researched more into alternative therapies and Energy Healing for fertility and with my Wise Women Yoga background this broadened my mind to the role of hormones and stress levels in fertility. I now have many pregnant ladies and new babies born from my energy healing ranging from 12 weeks pregnant to 1 and a half years old!

My passion is to have a more holistic approach to two times in peoples lives that can be so medicalised. My medical background has always stood to me but I know what works well and for whom. 

From a young age I was a very spiritual child, and was always fascinated with Angels & Healing. I trained in Reiki Healing and became a Reiki Master & Teacher, Rahanni Celestial Healing & Healing with Crystals, Access Bars, Access Consciousness, Tapping - Emotional Freedom Technique - the list goes on and on! This was a complete lightbulb moment for me.

I now tune into my clients energy and ascertain what exactly my client needs for their healing. I call this my ‘Intuitive Energy Healing’

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I am passionate about teaching and gathering women together in circles and groups. This is where the magic happens!

I teach regular Reiki Workshops to students and witness miracles everyday. I believe in abundance and feel that the more Reiki Masters and conscious people on earth, the better a place to live in the world will be. I teach regular Reiki Level 1, 2, Advanced Practitioner & Master & Teacher level in River Holistic Centre, Raheny, Dublin.

Now, I see clients daily for Healing sessions, Fertility/Pregnancy packages. I teach private and group Workshops & Classes. I hold Cacao Ceremonies and host online webinars and programmes.

I have designed and channelled a range of different Healing Guidance Cards, Positive Birthing Cards, Self Love Affirmation Card Deck.

My aim is to reach as many people as possible and spread the word about healing & self love. I will continue to research and educate women and everyone about spiritual conception, pregnancy, birth and motherhood.

Love Sarah xx