Cacao Healing


Cacao is a beautiful and incredible heart opening medicine & partner on your spiritual journey.

This Cacao (Chocolate - yes!), comes from the “Chocolate Shaman“ in Guatamala - Keith Wilson. Working with cacao brings many benefits including:

  • Opening your heart to give & receive love.

  • Diving deep into yourself, your spiritual practice & your healing.

  • Feelings of bliss, happiness, peace, joy & love.

  • Releasing old patterns, beliefs & blocks.

The Cacao Spirit works closely with those who partner with Cacao as a gentle guide & teacher on our spiritual journey. Mama Cacao works through gentle, loving guidance bringing us back to ourselves.

If you feel her calling, you can work with me to expand and open your beautiful heart!

Ways to partner with Sarah & Cacao:

  • Group Cacao Ceremonies

  • One to One Cacao Healings

  • One to One Cacao Ceremonies

  • Cacao for Pregnancy, Labour & Birth

  • Cacao for Womb Healing & Fertility.