How Sarah can help you during Pregnancy?

What is Sacred Motherhood?


Sarah is passionate about Pregnancy, Birth & the Postnatal Period and the becoming of mothers.

Sarah see’s clients from as little as 4-5 weeks all the way up to having had the baby!

After an Intuitive Energy Healing for Pregnancy Clients feel:

  • Peaceful

  • Clarity

  • Balanced

  • Connected to their body and baby

  • Relaxed

  • Happiness/Bliss

  • Stress Reduction

  • Reduction in Pain, Nausea, pregnancy conditions

They also Feel:

  • Prepared for Birth

  • De-briefed after birth and listened to.

  • Sense of closure after birth

  • Reduction in pain, complications after birth



Guiding a mother through the grieving process of a bereavement is an important role for Sarah in her Spiritual Midwifery practice.

This includes:

  • Miscarriage

  • Terminations

  • Still-birth

  • Neonatal Deaths.

This can be an incredibly traumatic time for any family. Sarah’s clients have healed with ongoing support, compassion and love.

Preparation for Birth:


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Sarah is a Passionate Midwife and Pregnancy Yoga Instructor. She loves preparing parents for a calm birth. She teaches monthly “Calm Mama” classes in The Elbow-Room in StonyBatter, private one to one birth preparation classes in the couples home or in her space in Malahide.

Sarah uses her intuitive approach to energy healing to understand how the woman’s body best needs to prepare for birth - regulating hormones & the nervous system.

In her birth preparation consultation she see's mum & dad in her clinic in Kinsealy or in the comfort of your own home.

Sarah covers a range of topics:

  • Active Birthing

  • Pregnancy Yoga

  • Relaxation

  • Birth Preference List

  • Fear Releasing

  • Meditation

  • Positive Birthing

  • Affirmations

  • Energy Healing

  • Debriefing

Includes Manual to take home

Birth Partner welcome

6 Weeks to a Calmer Birth Online Course: 

Sarah has designed a 6 weeks to a Calmer Birth Module which is all online including guided meditations, downloadable PDF’s, Video content & much more..

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Positive Birth Affirmation Cards:

She also has made & designed her Positive Birth Affirmation Cards to guide a mother through her calm birth experience.